Wisdom Teeth Removal – Why and When It Is Necessary

A 20-year veteran of dentistry, Christopher Lillo, DMD, resides in New Jersey, where he leads as partner in Oak Ridge Dental Group, PA. Dr. Christopher Lillo ensures that the office maintains HIPAA and OSHA compliance, while administering traditional dental services such as root canals and wisdom teeth removal.

Not all individuals require their molars removed. If the posterior tooth or teeth are fully erupted, healthy, and positioned correctly so daily home hygienic practices can be carried out, a person can avoid undergoing wisdom teeth removal.

On the other end of the spectrum, the third molars can lack the room to grow in completely. This issue may cause molars to become impacted and grow at an angle. Remaining hidden or partially visible, the teeth become a magnet for bacteria and require removal to avert oral problems, including infections and gum disease. A good indication that wisdom tooth surgery is needed is the presence of pain, cysts, tooth decay, and repeated soft tissue infections in the region where the molars grow.