The Importance of Scaling and Root Planning for Gum Health

Dental prophylaxis pic
Dental prophylaxis

Serving patients in the Toms River, New Jersey, community, Dr. Christopher Lillo runs the Oak Ridge Dental Group, PA. Dr. Christopher Lillo offers complete general dentistry services, ranging from crowns and bridges to dental prophylaxis.

Dental prophylaxis involves the cleaning of the teeth, including scaling the roots of the teeth. A conservative treatment, scaling is effective in fighting and preventing periodontal disease, which involves inflamed and infected gums. Scaling is the removal of plaque and tartar, with a focus on that which collects where the root begins, below the gum line.

Regular scaling is critical in maintaining tooth and gum health, as plaque is filled with bacteria, which actively contribute to tooth decay. As the sticky film gradually hardens, it becomes calculus or tartar. Root planing targets rough and irregular parts of the root surface, where plaque is most likely to become lodged and harden. This treatment smooths the roots and ensures that all remaining calculus is removed.