The Multi-Step Root Canal Process

Root Canals pic
Root Canals

Serving patients in New Jersey’s Ocean and Monmouth Counties, Dr. Christopher Lillo has extensive experience in general dentistry. Dr. Christopher Lillo regularly addresses cavities and performs root canals. Employed on infected and badly damaged teeth, root canals involve a multi-step process of removing the pulp, or damaged tooth area, disinfecting it, and filling and sealing it.

Despite public perception, the root canal is typically no more painful than filling a normal cavity. After an X-Ray that helps define the extent of the affected area, local anesthesia is applied to the affected tooth. The dentist then performs a pulpectomy, which involves creating an opening that allows complete removal of the diseased material. Once the area has been cleaned, gutta-percha material is used to fill the area and cement employed as a sealer.

With the root area of the tooth the focus of the procedure, many patients do experience some form of pain, such as a dull ache, in the days following. In cases where the affected area gets better, then starts aching again, there may be an issue involving trapped bacteria and follow-up treatment will be recommended.


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