The Importance of Preventive Dental Care for Young Children

Preventative Dentistry pic
Preventative Dentistry

Dr. Christopher Lillo is a Toms River, New Jersey, dentist who offers restorative and cosmetic dental care. As a member of the Oak Ridge Dental Group, PA, Dr. Christopher Lillo provides fillings, crowns, and periodontal treatment, as needed, but emphasizes preventive care to his patients.

Preventive care, such as brushing and flossing, is critical in maintaining healthy teeth and should begin at an early age. Many parents, believing that the baby teeth will be replaced soon, do not place a premium on their young children’s dental care. Unfortunately, this laissez-faire approach is misguided, as the baby teeth function as “place holders” for the permanent teeth that follow. Cavities are contagious, with bacterial infection often transferring from the old teeth via the gums to the newly erupting ones. Children who develop caries in their baby teeth often have decay problems with their adult teeth.

In addition to brushing and flossing, preventive care for infants includes avoiding the use of sippy cups with sugary juices, as well as decreasing the amounts of candy and snacks allowed. In addition, children should visit their dentist for the first time by their first birthday.


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