The Denture Design Process Involves Several Steps

Christopher Lillo has practiced general dentistry in New Jersey for the greater part of his career, and in addition to his practice, he provides pro bono dental services to those in need. For example, for elderly residents of local nursing homes, Christopher Lillo has designed dentures at no cost.

When a full conventional denture is made for a patient, a dentist ideally begins this process eight to 12 weeks after the teeth are extracted or lost from the mouth. The dentist takes measurements of the jaw and makes a series of impressions or molds of the supporting tissues that will hold the denture in place. Before casting the denture, the dentist tries a model on the patient to ensure a proper fit and bite, as well as an aesthetic color and shape.

The design process then usually requires a weekly patient visit over a four-to-five-week period. After the completed denture is placed, the patient may need to return to have the dentist make adjustments. In cases where teeth extractions have been planned in advance, the patient may opt to have temporary dentures made. In these situations, the dentures are designed before the teeth are extracted. The temporary appliance is used until the gums and bones have healed and a conventional permanent denture is constructed.


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