Dr. Christopher Lillo: Dental Crowns and Their Importance (Part I of II)

Dr. Christopher Lillo, who practices in Toms River, New Jersey at Oak Ridge Dental Group, provides several general dental services to his patients. In addition to performing routine examinations and cleanings, Dr. Lillo offers root canal therapy, removes wisdom teeth, and implants crowns. This two-part article discusses the nature of dental crowns and the benefits of their application.

Practitioners cover the teeth with dental crowns for aesthetic or restorative purposes. Individuals concerned about the color or shape of a tooth may use a crown to adjust its appearance. For others, however, the problem is more serious: Patients with damaged teeth, such as those that have weakened with fracturing, may require crowns to add stability. Crowns can additionally serve as replacement fillings when too much of the original tooth has been lost to decay. Crowns are commonly made of either ceramic or porcelain, which offer strength and come in the same color as the surrounding teeth. Despite the benefits of crowns, many patients underestimate the importance of obtaining them, especially when they have not noticed any pain in their teeth.


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